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Local Painter or “Pintor Loco”

“It is Félix de la Concha’s exceptional achievement to have reinvigorated this centuries-old tradition with a contemporary understanding of the possibilities of painting.” 

Mark Francis, Director of the Gagosian Gallery in London and former curator at The Carnegie Museum of Art and at The Andy Warhol Museum.


Félix de la Concha always paints from life, either in his architectural explorations, or his portraits. He immerses himself in an intense analysis through personal engagement with the subject that pushes his vision to question the real through out the different phases of time.

“My painting compositions are inspired by the place where I live. I do not arrive with a clear preconceived idea.”

The adjective “local” addresses the fact of always painting from life. Therefore painting only in the area where he lives. In English “local” is spelled the same way as in Spanish, but as it is pronounced almost like the word “loco”, which actually means “crazy” or “mad”, local or “loco”, doesn’t really matter, because this work is the result of the real madness of being a local painter.

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