Painting in Seattle




Fantagraphics’ neighbor
5 pieces of 45 x 28 cms. aprox.
Seattle, Washington 2003


In the summer of 2003 I was in Seattle. Any comics fan will know Fantagraphics is the publisher of some of the most creative authors of the alternative world, such as Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, Robert Crumb, Hernandez Brothers… And its publishing house is in Seattle. The two co-founders were Gary Groth and Kim Thompson. During that time and with them I did my first two portraits with conversation and that became a main theme in my work until now. I did their portraits in two hours each meanwhile recording an interviewing them. I was asking about their interests on painting. In addition I “portrayed” an interior with a particular angle of their houses, interested at what kind of paintings they hung on their walls.


Fantagraphics’ neighbor is a house next to the publishers’ headquarter. A particular woman lived there with a strong Diogenes syndrome. She collected every kind of junk in her courtyard, and was adding layers of wood to the walls of her house. Gary was fascinated with that strange view, but with the fear that easily could get on fire by the distracted woman, and will reach theirs, with all their art mainly on paper (original comics).