Temporal Evolution at Travelodge

Temporal Evolution at Travelodge. Iowa City. 2 groups of 19 x 165 inches each. Oil on canvas. 2011


The change of seasons corresponds to changes of perspectives and lights between these two representations of the same building, the Travelodge in Iowa City. Within their similarity as being painted from the same point of view and equal size, there are differences of treatments, differences in time, in lights and even in the support of the paintings. There are some seasonal changes for the time that goes by meanwhile it was painted. Félix, like in other works, takes advantage of the inevitable “delays” because the painting process to add an existential meaning to the project. Chronologically the composition was painted from the bottom right to the upper left. The uniformity of a cloudy day light of the lower composition contrasts with the lights and divisions created in the upper one. The lower part has two panels (diptych), while the upper one has been divided into multiple canvases (polyptych), and each one individualized. It plays with different measures to do a correspondence with the divisions of each apartment and its different distances due to a vanishing perspective. Each of these upper canvases is a visual diary because it has been painted in a single session (alla prima) and has been signed with its own date of the day. The lower composition has not been dated and painted without strict sessions as representing cloudy days with an even light and more homogeneity.